Saturday, January 19, 2008


So I created this blogspot thingy to give us a space to strategize, comment, and hit on each other to fill the void left by Wonkette when we decide to boycott for a little while (bear with me). I have been given several ideas for what we can go to help Megan and voice our displeasure.

#1 - Keep commenting on Megan’s post. She gets paid through the end of the month. Unfortunately Layne also gets paid for pageviews, but we are going to need to take some of the bad with the good. But don’t comment on anything else, no matter how Paultarded, Chief Payne-ish, Jizzuary Republicans fucking goats it may be. I have been told that Denton is obsessive about comments, so that is a good place to make an impact.

#2 - The Digg thing that Moe posted is I guess true. So whatever the fuck that is, if you sign up to do it and “Digg” Megan’s posts, she gets some $$$ for that.

#3 - Write letters of displeasure to Ken Layne and copy Nick Denton, or vice versa. Be diplomatic, or call them asshole and pussy ass faggot, respectively. I don’t really care. Find your voice. I am finding mine. Ken is, Nick is

#4 - Don’t visit Wonkette next week, or do so sparingly. If we can get visits down, hopefully it will have some kind of effect. We need to be realistic - Megan is not going back to Wonkette, and I don’t think we could expect her to after this bullshit. But her landing at Jezebel is a real possibility, and if we have an impact that will hopefully convince Nick to loosen the strings on his little Kate Spade purse and can keep our AL close. And don’t worry, you don’t need to know about maxi-pads or broccoli casserole recipes or whatever it is those girls talk about to visit/comment at Jezebel. And Megan has promised to police the comments over there, lest it get too serious and leave a menstrual blood stain on your keyboard.

#5 - Keep Megan in your thoughts. She was pretty upset today, and we want to make sure she lands on her feet. Or on some super hot hard cock, which has a way of making a girl feel better.

Coming soon - Rules of Homofascist’s Army, The Five Stages of Grief, a little more about your commanding (yet oddly submissive) officer, and I am sure some other bullshit that will come up.

Time to drink until I pass out, because it has been that kind of fucking week. Cheers.


Chicago Bureau (ON STRIKE) said...

First and foremost: may Megan be touched by the Noodly Appendage. Ramen.

Now: if there is to be posting on Wonkette, there should be a show of solidarity. A thought I had: "1+12=13" for her initials (Anonymous Lobbyist = Megan). Also: HFA (for HomoFascist Army). For example:


Come out, Ken! We know you're hiding in there. You are surrounded.


I would also suggest that one of us (oh, I don't know... Dear Leader Homofascist -- the peace of FSM be upon him) make a post on Monday (the first post of the day, or perhaps Daily Briefing) to announce our organized intentions, and to gain further supporters.

Yes: to a certain extent, this is somewhat Paultarded. But so is what happened to Megan. We could do it with conventional weapons that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part. Or something like that.

ManchuCandidate said...

What the fuck!

I was first leary of AL's work, but she grew on me. Her disgust, rage and sick sense of humor allowed all of us to rip the shit out of a really bad situations. Not really a fan of the beefcake, but it takes all kinds and if the ladies and teh gay want to see it, well who the hell am I to stop it (unlike my money grubbing US American repub cousins.)

How else can we make fun of child molesters and rapists, er, the Republican Party?

I will troll, but not post on Wonkette at least till Wed. That I swear to you. If frontpage and ChiefPayne are doing most of the comments that will suck out all the snark.

Thanks HF for organizing us.

rptrcub said...

I am proud to be a member of this Army of misfits, queers and assorted maladjusted individuals. I just hope we're able to be armed with nukes pretty soon, or their Wonkquivalent.

congcat said...

Soooooo, why did Meagan get the ax?

dexter_road said...

I always thought I'd wind up in the service. I wonder how much it would cost to set Megan up with her own Ette.
I'd be happy to go shill for her on other blogs and ruin an otherwise stellar reputation.

coozledad said...

Oops - that previous dexter_road comment was me using a different account. I forgot who I was...

Nabisco said...

I'm proud to volunteer for the HFA, but first a question: if you ask, do I have to tell?

Not sure what else to add except that yes this is 'tarded but worth it to make a point. Gawker is a business, Wonkette a subsidiary, but we are their fucking bread and butter.

litotes said...

Thanks so much for setting this up, Homofascist.

Reposting because I was too angry to remember how HTML works, let alone English.

Re keep commenting on Megan's post:
not sure how they count page hits but if you bookmark the post instead of going through Wonkette from top level, you might deprive the powers that be, while still adding to Megan's.

Not sure about the Digg stuff either, but I created an article re Megan's sacking


I'll be digging Megan's articles and commenting on her post all day. This is truly an injustice.

Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war

Anonymous said...

I have to go get my medication adjusted (again), but I'll be on duty when I get back this evening. Very clever plan homofascist. Comment on Megan's post only - sort of like what happened when Fafblog died.

Miss Expatria said...

Chicago Bureau, I don't think we should let on what we're up to - let our silence speak volumes. I'm with baked (in the previous post's comments) - keep silent and keep clicking on Megan's posts.

SanFranLefty said...

Nice picture, homofascist!

I'm going out of town (and internet access) this weekend but will report back for duty Monday night.



Homofascists's Army said...

I would never ask you to tell, darling Nabisco. I may ask you to whip it out though. Just be warned.

Tommmcatt said...

Hey Y'all!

Look, I want to encourage Megan to start her own site- doesn't have to be big, doesn't have to have ads. Start small. The girl is obviously a Writer (Capital Dub)~ I want to be able to read what she has to say.

As for Wonkette...we'll, mostly Scarecrow, it's all of you I'll be missing. The articles, sauf the AL stuff, have been mediocre lately. Needless to say, I'll take orders from Big Sister and will stop posting until further notice.

Shit, you have no idea what this will do for my work life! I work for one of the biggest, most ratlike bastards imaginable...and now I'll have to concentrate.


louisev said...

Morning homo and HFA!

and Megan if you're there. I imagine more than a few people are hung over today, but I wonder if I could mention a few practical matters. I have been a consultant (no, not in journalism or politics, but in computers) for many a long year, and, like the blogosphere, it is also a very small world. The first order of business, as Homo rightly points out, is to think about Megan and to provide her whatever support she needs while she deals with the shock and adjustment. However, since we are all here to help MEGAN we all need to bear in mind that is important that whatever we do not jeopardize her present or future employment. Nothing would be worse than for her to apply to a job down the street and have the boss say 'Hm, Megan,' and shoot off an email only to get a bunch of feedback that she's the ex-Wonkette who raised an army of fans to troll her employer when she was canned, and politely tell her 'Oh well you do good work but you're just a little too hot to handle.' Or worse, that we cause such a ruckus on the Gawker sites that there is a mass purge and she can't go on at Jezebel and her situation becomes even more dire.

On the other hand, as has been proven in the past in my line of work, a professional who delivers to customers (and we are the customers) who has such brand loyalty that they BRING THEIR CUSTOMERS WITH THEM, can only be seen as an asset to a potential employer. From this perspective, Megan will never be without readers - us - no matter where she lights, and she will bring her proven success with her everywhere.

Just some thoughts as we contemplate our next steps. I would tread cautiously in the Gawkersphere, since that is still her bread and butter: to express our displeasure over the choice, but our complete satisfaction with the laudable job Megan does and our willingness to follow her wherever she goes. And that can only be a plus.

Homofascist said...

@LouiseV - Thanks for your comments - I want this to be a sounding board of ideas as well. I definitely thought about this aspect as I was writing, and I certainly don't want to hinder Megan in any way. But please know that she has absolutely nothing to do with anything related to this site or effort to get her justice - this is a project that I am taking on in my (scant) free time because I Wonkette is something that I really have come to care about.

chicago bureau (on strike) said...

miss expatria: my concern was that there may be Wonketters who might not catch word of what the fuck happened until Monday. But, of course, they'll scroll down and figure it out anyway. So, unless anybody really lurves my ideas -- radio silence. (Which was one of the first ideas we had -- somebody suggested boycott before I did, but of course I naturally forget who and will therefore blithely continue to take credit for it as my own idea.)

tommmcatt: Your thought on missing commenters more than the editors? Above and beyond from AL and other all-stars from Wonkette Past? Totes. You guys crack me up.

louisev sez: "since we are all here to help MEGAN we all need to bear in mind that is important that whatever we do not jeopardize her present or future employment." Roger that.

Miss Expatria said...

monsieur bureau: Yeah, I thought of that as well, about people not in the know. But it's looking from these comments that we've got a lot of heavy hitters right here - which means there will be a definite decline that should be noticeable.

IanJ said...

I may be a pansy on this one, but I also think (in re louisev's comments) that ripping Ken or Nick a new one, while satisfying, will not help Megan in the long run.

coozledad said...

You're a hero, homofascist. Every time I think this country has totally gone to hell, someone decent shows up to prolong the agony of hope.
I hope Denton is somewhere huddled in a dark night of the soul over this, but I doubt it. Some people get thoroughly juiced with this kind of crap, and apparently, can't help themselves.
I'm certainly juiced, but I keep helping myself to whatever old booze and solvents I can dig up here at the homestead.

Larry's Craig said...

All Hail Homofascist! To comment or not to comment, whatevs. Can this be a naked protest?

Another suggestion--can we all go start commenting on Megan's posts at Jezebel? We're not pissed at Gawker Media, we're pissed at Gawker Media without Megan.

Also, may I be the first to propose a T-shirt. No, not "Save Megan", but "I heart personality cults."

blader (on strike) said...


Lyndon La Douche said...

If I might compare this situation - just for a moment - to musical theatre this is like the show which isn't going so well because the score sucks or whatever and the producer fires the costume designer. Mostly because he/she can.

Not that I've known Wonkette for long but it seems to me that the whole point of the site is the commenters. Gawker too. The stories are, mostly, pegs on which to hang the comments. Now if we, or should I say you, the glitterati of wonketteers, are no longer posting and the Paultards take over the owner most probably won't care.The site will go on. It won't be what it was, however.

I thought that Louise V was making some very good points, also Coozledad. Isn't the solution for Megan to set up her own site? It might take some time to get going but Wonkette aint exactly Pulitzer territory. Apart from the name. It's a great name.

As for the clickey-clicks. I'll do my best but it's quite confusing.

nojo said...

LLD: I don't have links at hand, but a definite reason for opening up Gawker Media sites to commenters was to increase pageviews. Not to mention increasing the entertainment value.

As far as Megan setting up her own site...

Alas, it wouldn't pay the rent. Gawker was established with Nick Denton's newfound wealth, and editors have always been guaranteed some form of salary, if not particularly lucrative. Gawker alumni have created other blogs, but always (to my knowledge) with financial backing.

Starting a competitor is nice idea, but without a cushion of initial capital I fear it wouldn't last long. And since my lifestyle is best described as Forever Grad School, I'm not the one to provide it.

Miss Expatria said...

Monsieur La Douche - The Paultards will not flood Wonkette comments because there will be no one with which to do battle. They won't talk amongst themselves there - that's what their own site is for.

Moncrief said...

If the Paultards DO take over what's left of Wonkette, good for them. It will make the site even more unappealing for anyone else tempted to stay.

Anonymous said...

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