Friday, January 25, 2008


Let’s talk for a minute about what life is like in a capitalist society. We are all consumers, and we have resources which we use to consume goods & services. We have a staggering, sometimes overwhelming array of choices we can make with our capital, whether those resources are the Ameros we are minting in the basement or the time we waste at work on the internets. Many of us have outlaid much capital (more of the latter kind, but maybe you send checks too) to Wonkette because we have enjoyed what we have found there. Good writing. Political insight. Deliciously hypocritical Republican scandal. The promise of ass fucking tags (which really goes hand in hand with that last thing).

We are here because we all had come to enjoy Megan’s contribution to the show. With her firing, it has been made clear to us that Wonkette will be changing. It was a decision that the blog and Ken specifically had every right to make. While it is fun for us, it is a business, and if Ken wants to help Nick Denton buy a second or third vacation home by DRIVING UP THOSE PAGEVIEWS, then by all means I say “good luck.” Maybe Nick will even let Ken borrow the place for a little vacation. That would be sweet! I am sure when Denton fires him in 4 months because Layne picked up the wrong throw pillows at Jonathan Adler (“I said the tangerine ones!!!” Nick will screech) there will be no hard feelings.

Or it could be over dry cleaning - hey, I’m astute, not clairvoyant.

But, of course, many of us feel that Megan’s dismissal was the wrong decision. And as good consumers, we have used this week to exercise some of the rights we have in this system. We have organized. We have boycotted. And we have turned our attention elsewhere. Myself, I have started this blog and have been invited to contribute to another, and having this creative outlet for me has been amazing (albeit fucking exhausting - please don’t think I can or am able to maintain this pace). Plus I feel like I have made 77 new friends on whose couches I can crash when visiting your fabulous cities and rural hamlets. Thank you for your friendship and your trust, and for treating me like I had an idea what the hell I was doing.

I am choosing to make a change. Instead of reading and commenting on Wonkette, I am through there. I am going to spend my precious goof off time at work making a go of this blogging thing (and since I am about to break my anonymity, I love you Ellen, you’re a great boss!!!!) and creating a little snarky political and secular humor of my own. I hope you will continue to check in with me, because you make it so much fun. You are all intelligent people who both love politics and love to hate politics, and I am right there with you.

As for the rest of you, there are choices to be made. In my mind, just because there are nice people that work at Walmart and they sell things that I like doesn’t mean I am going to spend my money there. But I am not going to judge anyone that does (well, I may make fun of the “I’m a Fredhead” bumper stickers in the parking lot). I would love if you joined me in the boycott, but if you want to go back, by all means. Jim needs you, and lord knows we have caused that boy some grief this week. He is a good funny writer, and I feel bad for him. And as I have even said myself, Ken Layne’s writing is truly “spit out coffee on your monitor” hilarious. So if you decide to go back, I imagine that you won’t be bored.

But if you want to come with me, the rabbit hole awaits (no, seriously, it is just a rabbit hole, I swear! Now just close your eyes...)

UPDATE: Megan has a fabulous post that you really need to go read over on her blog.


nojo said...

I'll take the Red Pill with a whisky chaser.

Lyndon LaDouche said...

I'm Spartacus!!

lonbordin said...

Dammit nojo! Now the only the blue ones left...

Chicago Bureau said...

Gen'ismo Homofascist: In Midwestern, the appropriate phrase for this is "uff da."

I'm very impressed. Faith in you is rewarded handsomely.

Must go back to work

lonbordin said...

...and obviously I've taken it..
"the only the"-moran

Anonymous said...

I always get this queasy feeling in my stomach when I find out people who write funny one-liners can also write some pretty fucking awesome, like, paragraphs and stuff.

Well played, mi General. We've got a couch you can crash on as well (as long as you don't make off with the kids' Bert and Ernie dolls).

Alkibiades said...

My couch is in Austin, Texas, and you are very very welcome on it!

rickushay said...

@everyone: Mr and Mrs Rickushay actually have a *guest room* so drop into Houston-ish area anytime.

We also have one little girl and one on the way and two cats. Hope you're not allergic to cats...or kids for that matter.

@alkibiades: if you change your mind about the convention let me know. the home depot outfit would be a hit.

@chicago bureau: "uff da"!! haven't heard that in ages. i'm from wisconsin.

donzacatl said...

Much later than the last comment, but still here...Everyone could make a Texas sweep, from one end of the State to check on the Rickushays through the center to visit Alkibiades, and on to a nap on my comfy couch in Dallas. And cats at both ends! How could any of y'all turn down that invite?

Anonymous said...

Aww, shucks.

Hotsauce said...

@alkibiades, ruckushay, donzacatl:

Let's hear it for the Texas World Tour! I'm already sleeping on my Mom's couch, but we can evict my sister and you can have her room, HF. You'll love the throw pillows!