Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Today I am asking for TOTAL. RADIO. SILENCE. A full on strike from Wonkette. No checking in, no peeking, no "just this once". I will be posting Wonkette Shorts in the morning to give us a place to comment (old school style, as some might say) throughout the day to hopefully make this easier. I really want to see the numbers at the end of the day. I know we are affecting the quality and quantity of comments, but until we have a total ban we won't know how we are affecting overall numbers. This will be a good thing in the long run. Trust me, I know what I am doing (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha).


louisev said...

Untersturmf├╝hrer Louise reporting in. On my all night Heath Ledger vigil, not a single click on Wankette. Aye aye sir!

Fag-Hag Brigade
reporting from Pacific HQ NCO Club

nojo said...

Quick review: We are not only Wonkette's readers -- we're also its contributors. And our contributions are leveraged to increase pageviews far beyond what a dozen or two daily posts would merit.

This is literal truth. Back when I first started reading Wonkette, Gawker, and Defamer, each had one editor, fulfilling his or her daily quota of a dozen posts. And no commenters. You dropped by every hour, saw what's recent, maybe clicked through to a longer story, got back to work.

And now? Even if the original story doesn't engage you, you notice that list of comments, click through to see if anything's interesting, then find yourself caught up in the developing conversation. Returning again and again, refreshing the page over and over.

And every time, adding stats to the logs that are the basis for advertising rates.

I restate the familiar to underscore that this isn't just another pointless Internet protest -- what we do, or decline to do, has a direct effect on Gawker Media's business model. Maybe there aren't enough of us to make a difference, but we won't know unless we follow through on Commandante HF's proposal.

And after that, I hear there's a blimp available for rent.

dickcheneysblacksister said...

Ha! Have you Googled "homofascist's army" in the last 24 hours? It's amazing, Grace.

Nabisco said...

As Stalin had his five year plans, and the Khmer Rouge had "year zero", we at the HFA have our 3 day plan.

Nabisco, presente

Lyndon LaDouche said...


This is so true. I want to know where to send the bill for all the time I've spent making Wankette look good.

What they've got is the software to make it easy to post, to have friends, to send messages, etc.

Now I have to go type rzyqs. Kisses.

ManchuCandidate (on Strike) said...

Must not hit w on the internet bar.

Must not hit w on the internet bar.

ManchuCandidate (on Strike) said...

BTW, I'm going to hang out at Jez crappy hour despite it all. They need to loosen up a bit. Assuming the HFA approves.

cranky little camperette said...

Glad I checked in here before popping over. I, too, am curious to see the impact.

whatsername said...

Is it okay if we monitor the page hits at N*ck D*nt*n's website?

Ha, ha, look, Jezebel went through the roof yesterday! Crappy Hour, anyone?

Raging Monk said...

Raging Monk checking in, saying: "TOTAL RADIO SILENCE." Let's NOT give Wonkette anything to talk about today.

So how did the boys in the dorm sleep last night? I've had my required amount of caffeine, and per the Beatles,"I Feel Fine."

Captain Raging Monk, Chaplain
Special Operations Attachment, HFA

Nabisco said...

@manchu I think Jez is an HFA-approved outlet for our time-wasting pleasure. It's the Wank that we're trying to influence. We may even be able to gradually increase the snark quotient in the comment threads, except today will no doubt feature some serious breathlessness over the gowns (or lack thereof) to be seen at this year's Oscars.

An army marches on its belly: Fig Newtons for all!

moncrief! said...

I will follow your orders to the letter, Commandante.

-Moncrief Hearst, HFA Light Brigade

litotes said...


Good history lesson. The power of amateurs (folks who contribute out of love) is great - look at how open source has made even microsloth quake in its borg boots.

Weren't the purges supposed to take Gawker to a new level? Wouldn't it be ironic if "power to the commenters" turned out to be the new killer paradigm? Leaving, hopefully, Nick The Wonder Dog out in the cold.

Alkibiades said...

Thrilled to have specific marching orders! Will also be hoarding my Ameros and rigging internet polls for Megan.

Actually, I guess I will spend my day working, for once. (When I'm not here, of course

Bulldaggers for Beaver division
Texan Theatre

rickushay said...

I did a little recon patrol before stopping by HQ and have noticed that Layne's page views are all very high in general. Jim's are ok but commenting is definitely down in both camps.

It would seem that our tactical redeployment is having an effect.

HFA Special Ops

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to go to Megan's site and click through on the adverts there.
At what point do we start getting banned one-by-one from W by running over and adding comments that link back to the "About That Job..." post, so noobs and traitors will know why we fight?

rptrcub said...

While we're all trying to get le Revenge on W***ette, the Fidiuciary Solvency (aka Help-Meg's-Beaver-Out) Combat Brigade reminds you all to click on Megan's Google Ad links, both at home and at work, every day.

She is, after all, part of why we fight.

1st Armored Hirsute Division

rptrcub said...

@jderda: You beat me, sir/ma'am. (My apologies if you are neither.)

SpangledAngel said...


Yeah, the last time I went to wonkette (noon yesterday?) I noticed the same thing. Could Layne have set his own pages to auto-refresh?

Sgt. Spangledangel
1st Gunnery Sargent
reporting from DC suburbs

litotes said...


Re: "Could Layne have set his own pages to auto-refresh?"

"View source" might tell me something, but we are observing radio silence.

I seem to recall Drudge does something like this, and increases the rate when numbers go down. Money for nothing and dicks for free.

Spc. 3rd Class Litotes
Musical Propaganda Division

litotes said...

BTW in case some east-coast folks want red meat for breakfast:

NYT: Web Site Assembles U.S. Prewar Claims

WC aka Hotsauce (in exile) said...

HF, thanks for keeping it simple for us foot soldiers.

Wankette = bad
Meg's Ads = good

Power to the peepuls!

Cpt. Hotsauce
Straight Staff Liason
Texas Outpost

Megan said...

I will give a short crappy hour preview: Moe and I are sick of being told that we are terribly women for not supporting Hillary by the commenters. Snark away. It will be required.

Blader said...

Clarification please: If I a join this here army, am I a fighting for or agin slavery? Or is this mostly just a jihad?

--Capt. Roosevelt Beaujolais Blader IV
"The original Son of a Confederate Mother"
1st Volunteer Regiment
Fulton Co, Jawja

rickushay said...

@Spangledangel: Wouldnt. Doubt it. For a second.

rickushay said...


I was just over there reading the comments and thinking the same thing.

Overall: meh.

I'm bored. Guess I'll try working. Dammit.

Major Rickushay
HFA Special Ops
Breeder Brigade

rptrcub said...

@Blader: Welcome, fellow Georgian. As I am a reconstructed, Henry W. Grady-New South southerner, I cannot bring myself to misspell this state's name, even though 1/2 of my family are Confederate war re-enactors. So, so embarrassing.

But my true loyalty now is to the brave men, women, trannies and beavers of the HFA.

This is a holy war against assholism. So yes, it is a jihad in its own way.

Welcome, comrade, in our struggle.

1st Armored Hirsute Division, HFA
Camp Patty Hearst

wanderingchiller said...

Well, just damn it all to hell. Wonkette just started to be my number one work avoidance mechanism, and it had to get all screwed up by corporate pig-fucker types.


Is there any room in the army for a pissed off noobie? I could be the inaugural member of the Noobies for Boobies and Beaver Platoon. (Part of the Bulldaggers for Beaver Division, of course.)

Alkibiades said...


YAY! Welcome to the Booty Patrol!

chicago bureau said...

manchu: I've actually rigged my computer to ask for a password if I ever type in the word w9nke11e into my browser.

(See what I did there? That may be way harsh, comparing the blog to 9ui11ani. But it spares me from the nanny password block.)

Carry on.

Homofascist said...

@wandering chiller. Just click on the profile button on the main page and email me - I will add you to the roster. Then you will get the super secret advance plans and be one of the cool kids.

IanJ said...

And in pigfucker country, yokels who thought they saw a UFO actually saw airplanes. 'Cause, you know, F-16s look exactly like alien technology, when you think about it.

Sgt. IanJ, Subordinate Sergeant at Arms and Special Secretary for Unintelligence

litotes said...


Re "yokels who thought they saw a UFO actually saw airplanes"

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Christianity, er, magic.
(Apologies to Arthur C. Clarke)

Spc 3rd Class Litotes
HFA, Musical Propaganda Division

biminitwst said...

I Dugg every article I could find about Wonkettes blunder, or Megan.
I have stayed away from the W place all week. I doubt I have missed much. Just when Wonkette was starting to suck less, well, you know.
But Jezebel just isn't my style.
At ease.

redmanlaw said...

Spent the day out doing justice. Have not been to sample Wonkette's wares since Sunday night.

ianj: google up what bill hicks said about the south and ufos.