Thursday, January 24, 2008


The plan for today is to pick one of Jim's posts on Wonkette and pile on baby! Or as one commenter put it, a good old fashioned threadbombing. That means lots of pageviews, lots of comments, lots of snark. And after reviewing a few of the threads from yesterday (after midnight, natch), Jim could use a good snark infusion. Good lord it is boring and snippy over there. They are getting so desperate for comments they are letting Paultards in. Paultards people!

I am going to look for something that I think would be good between 10:00 am and 12:00 noon CST, and once I find it I will post here and send out an email. Then it is bombs away. HFA propaganda if you want, but my recruitment post yesterday got us lots of new members, so it is not necessary. I certainly don't want to be viewed as the new Paultards. Because even though you all know that Generalissimo Homofascist is the only REAL candidate for president, others still have a lot to learn. Patience my children, patience.

Oh, before I forget. Can someone please send $300,000? I want to do some sky writing to get the message out.

If some of you don't want to go back to Wonkette for this, that if fine. I think the boycott should continue, and I will certainly not be going back. But this is a chance for us to give Jim some love and support, and to give us one last thrill before what for many of us will be a long, cold winter.


hotsauce said...

Lead on, El Jeneral! We'll follow you into Hell (as long as it's warm)!

Don't think I'll be going back after today either, at least not regularly, and definitely not soon. It's lost its magic, and I've discovered that there's a real world out there with plenty of stuff to laugh at, and sunshine, and everything!

I would like to stay involved in this community, though, whatever it turns out to be. I like it that I'm not the smartest kid in the class here. I can be lazy when I want, and say shit to offend others without being sent to the principal.

What will become of the dizzy children when the revolution is over?

congcat said...

Paultards?!? Paultards are running wild in the wasteland that Wankette has become? Those Jackals. Wankers. Batshit crazy bastards.
Give me the target, Herr Generalissimo, and I will drop my swapping mop and attack! On your command, sir.
Let's make HFA blog our touch point and we can post links to good places to snark and be, uhm, be informidid and such.

I stand ERECT and ready for a rear assault.

catus cong

nojo said...

@congcat: It feels like we're abandoning Rome for Constantinople.

litotes said...


Four legs good! Two legs bad!
(Chant of the Paultards)

Spc 3rd Class Litotes
Musical Propaganda Division

congcat said...

@nojo-- I flunked land nav. hence the mop, although I hear Liberia is very nice this time of year (bombings in the bazzar go way down in the winter).
@litotes-- Three legs lucky! (and he gaurds the trailer-- Go Mittens, go!)

We will meet in glory on the front.

catus cong, stoned class

kindness said...

Too cool. The spoiled little twits of Late Night Shots hold no appeal to me and there has been no mention of any ass-fucking over there since Ana Marie left.

Wonkette has been deleted from my bookmark page.

redmanlaw said...

Yeah, THAT"S the picture I wanted to flash on my screen at the small North Dakota airport where the mean old TSA lady made me walk my longhaired red ass through the metal detector three fucking times.

Homofascist said...

Oops - sorry about that! I did consider the ramifications when I typed the word "bombs" into the Google search and hit enter. I figured I might get a knock on the door. Not sure if "but I was only looking for pictures" is going to cut it as a defense.