Thursday, January 31, 2008

RUDY GIULIANI: 9/11/01-1/30/08

Just a couple of quick updates. Yesterday at Cynics' Party I wrote about the about-fucking-time demise of our favorite purveyor of the tragic drag queen arts, Rudy Giuliani. Please take a moment to pay your respects. Be on the lookout for a Very. Special. Edition. of Hot or Not? sometime later tonight at CP HQ.

Big Head DC posted the entire Snappy Hour between myself and Comrade Be.Right.Back about the relative hotness of John Sebelius. You can see that here. Although in the the spirit of keeping things fresh and in their own voice, they took out my intro and added a completely lame and unfunny one. Good work guys! (Just kidding Rob - you know I love you).


celticjihad said...

Generalissimo JC, HFA:
I absolutely, thoroughly enjoyed the Snappy Hour repartee yesterday and will definitely be looking forward to the next one.

As for Mssr. Sebelius, alas that I am an old troglodyte (50+, okay 55+) and when I gaze up such youth all I think is "grandson". But he does remind of that Dane whatshisname??, the stand up comic on Comedy Central.

coozleMcRib said...

HF, Jasm, Jason - I thoroughly enjoyed the snappy hour. BRAVO! But I "heard" all your parts of the dialog as if they were read by David Rakoff. Does that make me some sort of small-minded, prejudiced hetero*? You know, one of those "all gays sound alike" types? Do I need counseling?

Oh wait. Just a minute. My cousin is gay and he sounds nothing like Rakoff. In person or in writing. Okay, so I suppose that just makes me drunk! I can cope with that.

*do not call me a breeder! I have the surgical scars to prove I ain't.

nojo said...

Dane Cook? No faster way to split an audience...

I happen to like him, but everyone tells me I shouldn't. Half the haters think he comes off like a frat boy, the other half swears he's stealing jokes from Louis CK.

rptrcub said...

Dammit, why did I have to be on leave in the Caribbean when all this stuff was going on? Sigh. Oh, wait. I regret nothing.

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