Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The HFA isn't all about anger and hatred and boycotts! It is about hot men, and drinks that look like punch, and fabulousness. So let's gather around the barracks TV for the official HFA show - Project Runway! Will Victorya finally get some comeuppance? Will crying Ricky FINALLY get the boot. Will Chris let out his inner drag queen (rest assured). All this awaits.

For you poor straight boys that need to catch up, I can't recommend Project Rungay highly enough. So go there and learn. There are some hot female models too, so that will hopefully keep your interest.


Raging Monk said...

Mmmmf. My daughters take over the TV every time comes on. Confession from the Monk: My idea of fashion is The Dockers Store at J.C. Penney. Help me, homofascist. You're my only hope.

rptrcub said...

Time to draft whoever this guy is into my division, but he's obvs gonna need to be whipped up into shape. (Sorry, don't watch the show.)

1st Armored Hirsute Division

lonbordin said...

Fashion is Hawaiian Shirts and Blue Jeans. nuff said.

Agent Sparks said...

Episode Highlights:

- Tim called the dress Chris made "incongruous"

- Ricky continued with his own personal Trail of Tears

- Michael Kors said he would totally wear Sweet P's dress with the right shoes! That's a mental picture that will haunt you while you sleep :(

congcat (insurgent) said...

@raging monk-- Hey my girls do the same thing and when I come into the room they whisper things like:"OMG! fashion disaster."
What the hell's wrong with urban cammies, international safety orange sweatshirt and $5 blue mirrored shades, accessorized with a three day wino trim?
I love my little princesses but they wouldn't know fashion genius if it stumbled right past them.

melissa said...

Dammit!! I totally forgot to watch it tonight (when it first aired). I guess I got all distracted after American Idol was over. I watched AC360 instead of PR! At least I can catch the end of the replay now.

How did Christian do?

latenightmoneyshots said...

So Ricky cried, Michael said someone's look resembled a movie in the 80s, Chris struggled to run over and gather his supplies, Nina was a bitch, and Tim impressed us with his incredible taste and diction.

Still one of my favorite shows, but this is starting to get repetitive

latenightmoneyshots said...

@ Melissa - Fiercely, as usual

nojo said...

First Jez, now this?

Agent Sparks said...

@ melissa - The good thing about Bravo is that they'll repeat the episode four times a day for the next between marathons of the Real Houswives of Orange County.

@ congcat: That comment made (semi-cheap) Cabernet shoot out my nostrils. It still burns a little...

Electoral College Dropout said...

Sorry. If it ain't on MSNBC it doesn't exist in my world. I'm apparently a remedial gay.

I can only expect to get a discharge...and not the good kind.

I will cop to having a foodie crush on Alton Brown however. HGTV and Food Network are my Bravo. Renovate my kitchen and/or know how to use it and you've won me forever.

Electoral College Dropout
Panzer Pansy Division

melissa said...

@latenightmoneyshots: Sweet!

@agent sparks: Yeah, I'll probably catch it. I just can't believe I spaced it off.

I did catch the end though, I can't say I'm too disappointed with the results this week.

Homofascist said...

Good lord people. I guess all of my PR posts are going to need to be closed to all but Megan, San Fran Lefty and Jamie Sommers. What do you people do for some R&R?

latenightmoneyshots said...

@ Melissa - staring into the eyes of that siberian husky of a hunk, Anderson Cooper, can make anyone space out for a bit

melissa said...

@latenightmoneyshots: Word.

@homofascist: I'll do better next time, I promise!

Megan said...

@Homofascist: I am faaarrrr too drunk to type straight. But it rocked

@congcat (insurgent): godammit, Dad, stop cyberstalking me.

Homofascist said...

@Agent Sparks. So, is that your real picture? Because if so, I would like to invite you to send in some pictures for use on the Wonkette Shorts feature. Just a sampling of various poses and shorts. I promise to study them closely.

Homofascist said...

@Megan. So that wine was good?

SF said...

@ Homofascist: Jesus H., with the Monday holiday I'm all screwed up on my calendar. Thank you Generalisimo for reminding me that the show was on tonight - being 3 hrs behind I can still watch it (I'm consumed with my favorite show "Mythbusters" right now - the best part is that they're blowing shit up all over San Francisco - and I recently saw Grant, the cute Asian guy, at Trader Joe's - I was such a little 8 year old girl with my excitement at a Grant spotting).

@ Electoral College Dropout: I SOOOOO secretly love Alton Brown - my second favorite show is Iron Chef America, though I do miss the original Japanese show. Alton Brown and his horror everytime the ice cream machine is whipped out is heeee-larious.

@ congcat/raging monk - while on one level I'm horrified that any other Wonkette commenter is a breeder and has impressionable children, you two crack me up with the mental images of being unhip dads with the sighing daughters.

@ Jamie Sommers - I can't even remember what you said that I wanted to respond to. But you had me howling on Crappy Hour with your analysis of hate fucking Republicans.

Agent Sparks said...

@ homofascist:

Yes, that is my mugshot after a long night of middle shelf merlot and Wahl clippers.

I don't have any sexy phots of me in shorts, per se, but I do have "extra sexy" Old Navy pajamas

Agent Sparks said...

Oh yay! Is Megan drinking wine too?

I knew I bought (and drank) this bottle of wine as a show of solidarity for something...

fileunder said...

@homofascist -
wait, no, count me in too!
PR is just about the gayest thing i'm into.

i don't know if ricky's crying is adorable or annoying.

chris would be a fun older gay brother to have around.

Michael Kors needs to change his spray-tan right away.

i'm Team Rami all the way...yum!

sooo glad Victorya (ugh, i hate the way she spells it) got the boot.

oh, um. spoiler alert.

rickushay said...

good morning troops. sorry i missed this last night. looks like fun.

mrs rickushay is a fan of PR so I watch with her. she suffers through Battlestar shows with me so its a give/take thing.

rami has some good design sense and i like the edge of christian's stuff but his bitchy little girl attitude makes me root against him just about every episode.

chris is very entertaining - seems like a genuinely nice person, as does sweet p. I was rooting for her to win last week (?) when victorya won instead.

ricky. god, that guy can cry anytime anyplace. look for hillary clinton to hire him after he gets the boot (sorry HRC fans, too good a joke to NOT do it. ha.)

kit is cool - i had a good laugh when i saw her prom picture.

jillian. good designer and....wait for it....I'd totally hit that.

Major Rickushay
HFA Special Ops
Breeder Brigade

cranky little camperette said...

But who won?

jamie sommers said...


Just when I thought I couldn't love you more, Generalissimo, I find out you too love TLo and the Project Runway.

I am so glad that SissyBear Chris was spared the auf last night b/c I was worried about that dress. As for VictorYA, ding dong the witch is dead!

mellbell said...

@cranky: Ricky, but with no immunity. And, of course, the tears came out in full force. He's a sweetheart, but I don't see him lasting much longer. Part of me is pulling for Christian, in spite of all the cattiness and ego, but he's so young and has so many opportunities ahead of him, whereas for someone like Sweet P. it's more of a make-or-break situation. And I agree with whoever said it that Jillian is gorgeous. Absolutely striking. Maybe not cut out for Bryant Park, but nevertheless a strong designer. And thank god Victorya got the boot -- I never liked her, but have been aching to see her go since the competition with the women who'd lost lots of weight (when she had such clear disdain for having to work with a "normal," i.e. not rail thin, model) and last week when she trotted out that fugly beadazzled prom dress (and actually WON with it, ugh). Ok, sorry for the long post, that show really gets to me (in a good way).

BeRightBack said...

OMG, Homofascist, I, indeed, watch this show ... a few days later, when I can find it for free online. Since I live in Canadia.

But if you're worried about lack of support for this type of endeavor, you're wrong. This Megtard is also Timtarded. Carry on.

jamie sommers said...

@mellbell: I thought part of why Victorya didn't like the real woman challenge was because she had to work with a chick with boobs. Did you see what she did on that fashion trend update challenge? She practically tried to squash that model's tits through her rib cage. I'm sure the model thanked God for Ricky on that one.

And the fit on that bedazzled prom dress looked like she was trying to turn that girl into a boy.

jamie sommers said...

Check out Tim's Take over on Bravo's website. He's all WTF? over Ricky's win.

Carisita said...

aka Flippin

HF, please keep up the PR threads! I care, I care! In fact, I'm pissed that I missed a chance to more-or-less liveblog with y'all last night. I don't have cable, so my friend and I go to watch it at Sheffields every week. This year the crowd is significantly down tho, and it's not the same without a huge reaction every time Christian makes a bitchy little comment. Is Crew showing it this year?

Last night I was definitely meh over Ricky's win (whereas my friend loved it and was ready to buy the damn dress on the spot and wear out into the -15 degree weather), but I was just happy to see Rami do something non-drapey. Of course, it's a bit tough to drape denim, and he did have a "drapeyish" thing happening with the collar, but I didn't want him to turn into a one-note Uli redux. He has to stay, as he's a great designer and lovely eye candy, especially when they keep showing those clips of him in nothing but a towel. Yum!

Cynica said...

OMG, just when I think I can't love you guys more, I wake up to this.
You are my people!!
and sanfran lefty, I can't believe you saw Grant in person - he's totally my nerd crush! The bf has turned me on to Mythbusters and I've converted him to a PR fan!
Generalissimo, keep up the uber-fabulous work!

Homofascist said...

@Flippin. Are we going to need to do an HFA viewing party at Crew? I know they show it there - should be a good atmosphere.