Monday, January 28, 2008


Tonight Megan, Greg and Hunter will be having a 3-way over at Cynics' Party and you are all invited. Poor a stiff drink and start destroying those brain cells (you won't be able to catch up to W, but you can make a noble effort). If you would like to comment, feel free to here. Although with all of the hot and heavy action going on at CP HQ, I doubt you will have time.

As for me, I would rather watch a Tom Green/Wayans Brothers movie marathon while shoving shards of glas beneath my fingernails than subject myself to Shrub talking about the joys of tax cuts. Sorry.


Miss Expatria said...

OMG! I go out and drink with three french lesbians and I come back to THIS? Must sober up now. French lesbians like vodka shots but I want to be ready for your BIG LIVE BLOGGING DEBUT.

P.S. Please to meet me in Rome so all my gay mafia can get a look atcha.

Miss Expatria said...

Oh wait hhahhahha I AM drunk. You're not blogging. Are you?

Pastis is the devil.

Cynica said...

I can't watch or listen to shrub so i've been trying to follow on CP. I think they're pushing the software/server to the brink.
So, does anyone know if project runway is a re-run this week? THey keep pimping the all new one on Feb 6. Sweeps month!

donzacatl said...

Project Runway this week is going to be a re-run of the blue jeans episode. -Sigh- At least they finally got rid of Victorya.

rickushay said...

@miss expatria: wait a damned second here. You gave up three French lesbians to watch TV????

Next time bring them to your place, have a four-way and send me pictures.