Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The final three will be revealed soon kittens! Let's get started...

Chris in a robe.
Rami is rockin' the hair chest
What is Heidi wearing? She is auditioning for a Robert Palmer video.
Bye bye Amanda!
A double elimination - PR does a DP.
Oooo - look! Marble ass.
Project Runway is stealing my idea (long story)!
Meeeeeeeeeow! Chris slams Rami.
Rami is so predictable.
The Temple of Dendur - my friend hung lights there for a fashion show.
$300!!!! Mama's going out to dinner tonight!
Christian's painting looks like my friend Robert.
10 yards of organza in white is probably a sentence that only a fag would utter.
The Argonauts - who was their leader? Jason!
It's not about who is the loudest. It is about who can drape the most.
Christian is a jackass. God I love him.
Jillian almost showed emotion. Almost.
Commercial. Mute. Refill wineglass.
Poor Sweet P. Her model is gone. They aren't allowed to have family emergencies. This is important!
Jillian. Another coat.
Special Guest!!!!
Collier Strong. Boring. Notice they aren't shooting the crater side of his face?
I love a really strong brow
Collier totally wants to blow Rami.
Chris is taking a nap. She be tired.
Tim Gunn is having none of it! Get ready for a slap down.
Chris ain't having it. She is done. He knows he is going home anyway.
But then again he is going to get to show at Fashion Week.
Sweet P - that muticolored fabric. Fucking yikes.
Do it!
Rami/stunning? Purple. Why is his shirt disintegrating? There is a haiku in there somewhere.
Can we just get to the runway show already?
Yay Rami in a towel! Let the hate fucking begin.
Make Nina cum!
Suck Michael Kors orange cock!
Jesus Leah, eat some fried chicken.
Oh Chris, so grounded. Let's go out for cosmos.
Jillian - drops the f-bomb! At least she burns her model.
I like Leahs hair. So fun and blue.
Yeah - Runway soon!
Heidi is working the bangs. That dress is a little boring for the final challenge.
Cavalli is like Michael Kors in 30 years.
Chris - eh?
Christians - awesome as always. Welcome to Fashion Week.
Ramis - BORING.
Sweet P. Ouch girl. Not bad, but good enough?
Jillians is pretty hot. A little wrapping paper, but good.
Cavalli is on CRACK!
They will hate Chris....
Am I wrong.
Michael is speaking the truth.
Heidi and Nina too.
Jillian is in Fashion Week!
Was Nina laughing at Roberto?
Rami is getting the treatment I bet.
Michael is expecting more from you.
Nina wants to see Rami in her box, if you know what I mean.
I love that Heidi just said BALL-SY with that accent.
Chris - going to be in?
It has been a long, BORING journey.
And commercial.
Congrats Christian! What a surprise...
Jillian is in. She almost had emotion.
Is Jillian wearing a garter?
Bye bye Sweet P. You get to show anyway, so stop crying!
Chris is IN - bye Rami!!!!!
FUCK! What?
What is this bullshit? They are still both going to show - what is the big fucking deal?
Don't worry Sweet P.
Reunion show. Yikes.
I want to take a valium and drink another bottle of wine. Night kids. Look out for Rami tomorrow morning!


Megan said...

I had a dream about Tim Gunn last night.

rptrcub said...

Funny, I did too, but he was wearing a tutu. I need to lay off the Tabasco sauce, srsly.

Cynica said...

Chris owes Cavalli a blowjob, at the very least.

jamie sommers said...

@cynica: Srsly. I'll bet it was Cavalli who deadlocked the judges. But he would have had to have an ally in keeping Chris over Rami.

Was it Heidi or Michael?

Cynica said...

I'm guessing Michael. Heidi usually likes Rami's stuff, even if she does bitch at him about the draping.

David Dust said...

Poor Sweet P - her lack of Peacockery got her sent packing.

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