Monday, February 11, 2008


Posh is only wearing that dress to make Michael seem less orange.

So as any good HFA soldier should know, this past Friday was the Single Most Important Event of the Year! Well, until Britney's funeral. Of course I am talking about New York Fashion Week's Project Runway show at Bryant Park. Many celebrities and past contestants were in the crowd, as were several Project Runway bloggers, including the fabulous T.Lo from Project Rungay and the less-than-fabulous crew from Blogging Project Runway, whose insistence on everyone being "nice" in the comments is fucking ridiculous and boring. But I digress.

Pretty soon after the show wrapped pictures of all of the collections were online, thus letting us know that this year 5 designers presented at the event. To which I say, what the hell? In Project Runway TV land, there is one more episode this week where two people are going to be eliminated to determine the "final three." But in reality land, once again the Bravo schedulers just can't figure out how to get all of the episodes in before they are spoiling the surprise at fashion week. Thus like the glorious Austin and Kara, 2 of the designers will be showing ringer collections that will not be in the running to be a winner. Andy Cohen, put down the crystal meth and that bottle of bronzer and look at a calendar! So like the Special Olympics, everybody wins! I expect Oprah to pop up and launch into "And YOU'RE showing at Fashion Week, and YOU'RE showing at Fashion Week...and" etc.

But of course, the more collections to see the more to love, right? Or at least the more collections to rip apart with bitchy comments! So joining me in the fun is my good friend Matt, social butterfly and one half of the fabulously brilliant Microfilm (Myspace here - check out their cover of Sufjan Steven's "Chicago"). Also available at the iTunes music store, so please support independent artists! Matt also has a, who helps him sort his Madonna CD's and buys him a copy of every gossip magazine with Colin Farrell on the cover.

Join Matt and I as we discuss a designer a day. First up will me everyone's favorite biker hippie chick, Sweet P. If we forget anything, I am sure you will let us know in the comments.


BeRightBack said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Best. Army. Ever. Vive le HFA!

louisev said...

Please tell me Posh was photoshopped into that picture.